Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Exeter -Milligan Students Attend Fire Prevention Event

 Exeter Volunteer Fire Department Member Ed Mark passes out Fire Hats to all of the Exeter-Milligan Kindergarten through Sixth Graders.  Emma Olsen is getting her hat.
Kindergarten and first graders are enjoying listening to State Deputy Fire Marshall Ray Nance in the trailer.

The Exeter Volunteer Fire Department sponsored a Fire Prevention Awareness event at the Exeter-Milligan school in Exeter on Wednesday, October 9.  State Fire Deputy Marshall Ray Nance brought his Fire Safety Education trailer and all of the kindergarten through sixth grade students had the opportunity to learn about fire prevention.

Nance travels throughout the state with the trailer doing programs on fire prevention and safety, “The key thing we want to get out to the kids is prevention.”  

During the morning sessions, the students got to see a presentation from Nance in the trailer and then they were treated to rides on the Exeter Fire Department equipment along with a tour of the rescue unit.  The fire department also passed out hats, refillable water bottles and snacks.

Nance used some of the audience members to help him demonstrate kitchen safety, putting out a pot that is on fire and also the proper use of some kitchen appliances.  The students got to watch as one volunteer made a fire emergency call to 911 with a dispatcher on the other end of the line.  It was a good lesson for the students to know the correct information they need to share with an emergency dispatcher.

The students also had the opportunity to escape from the trailer after it was filled with fake smoke.  This stimulation helped the students understand how difficult it is to escape from a home that is during a fire emergency.  During each session a student was purposely left behind and Exeter’s assistant fire chief Jacob Miller suited up and “rescued” the student out of the smoke filled trailer.

“The biggest message I want to give to parents is to practice at home.  Just because your kids do a fire drill at school doesn’t mean you don’t need to do one at home.  You have to make sure that all of your rooms have working windows that operate.  There are many older homes and windows can be painted shut.  You have to make sure that kids can open them to get access outside,” explained Nance.

Nance also uses Deputy Dan, his ventriloquist dummy, to share fire safety tips with the students before performing his favorite fire prevention rap.  Nance shares about some of the fire dangers that are found in the home like candles, space heaters and extension cords.

Sam's Club in Lincoln sponsored the snacks for the event.

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