Thursday, March 28, 2013

Exeter-Milligan Elementary Performs Spring Concert "Genres"

Exeter-Milligan Elementary students presented their Spring Concert “Genres” on Tuesday, March 26th in Milligan.

The sixth grade band opened the concert with “The Star Spangled Banner” and then performed “BB Rock.”

Next, they were joined by the fifth grade class to play “Overture 1812” and “Young American March.”  They did an excellent job with both of these difficult pieces.

The fifth grade band played “Indigo Rock” and “Rockin’ Folk Medley.” Between sets, music director, Mrs. Angie Murphy presented several of the students ribbons from the Bruning-Davenport Band Contest.

The third and fourth graders took the spotlight playing “A BAG O’Tigers” on their recorders, adding in some tiger growls.  
All of the elementary students took the stage next as they sang together “Start Your Day With a Song.”  MicKael Halverstadt, Caitlin Murphy and Jacy Schlueter were the featured dancers during this number.

The Kindergarten, first and second graders then played a medley of genres of music including “Yankee Doodle,” and an traditional American Song, “The Old Gray Cat.” During “Bluebells,” an American jump-rope song, the students gave the audience several opportunities to stand when the month of their birth was sung.  It took the audience several tries to get it approved by the students.

This group also sang “All Around the Kitchen,” “Hush Little Baby,” “Goin’ To the Zoo,” and “A Beat in My Feet.”

The third and fourth grade took over the risers for their rendition of “Old Joe Clark,” before showing the audience how to sing “The Blues.”  The third and fourth grade also showed off their dance steps in “Movin’ to the Beat,” and “Chicken Rap.”

The fifth and sixth grade started their set with “Play That Music” before performing “Jazz.”  They also sang about “Ragtime” before singing the country tune “Music Is Always There.”  Square dancers for this number were James Becker, Macy Due, Kayla Geiger, MicKael Halverstadt, Caitlin Murphy, Jacy Schlueter, Anna Sluka and Blake Steuben.

For the final piece of the evening all the elementary classes joined together to sing “We’re Making Music,” with Katherine White playing the cowbell, Taylor Binker, Josie Kresak and Mitchell Manning playing scrapers.  Macy Due, Kate Jansky and Spencer Pribyl were using the shakers and Theron Odvody played the Agogo Bells.

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