Sunday, December 16, 2012

Exeter-Milligan Update: SPED Deptartment

SPED Department Update by Anita Mueller and student teacher Chelsey Quigley

A few Exeter-Milligan high school students had the opportunity to attend the Self Advocacy workshop at ESU6 recently.  It was very informative for the students.  They watched a mock interview that gave them tips on what and what not to do at an interview and they learned proper behavior for an interview.  They also had the opportunity to find what their learning style is and how they can use that to their advantage in the classroom.  A school psychologist also came in and explained all of the different kinds of disabilities including the following: reading, math, writing, speech/language, and many more.  The students really enjoyed the section on technology where they were able to learn about many of the new technology tools that can be helpful for them in the future.  Students had the opportunity to work with students from other schools and socialize with them.  A college disabilities service counselor came in and explained how to disclose their disability to colleges and how to survive college.  They learned that nothing can stop them from doing what they want to do except for themselves.  Overall, it was a great experience for the students.  They learned a lot and enjoyed what the workshop had to offer. 

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