Sunday, November 11, 2012

Exeter-Milligan Update: Science News

Science News by Matt Nicholas, Exeter-Milligan Science teacher

The Freshman Class has been working on the basics of motion and forces in Physical Science. We recently performed a lab with objects that are usually nuisance items in a classroom, but we found a way to use them for learning. The class spent a whole period making paper airplanes! We made airplanes with paper of all sizes and thicknesses. We talked about some of the basics of flight such as lift and drag, but this experiment was just to get our creative juices flowing and see who could build the best plane. The students timed the flights and measured distance to calculate speed. We compared scores and crowned the winners of: Longest Flight by length and by time, and also the slowest speed. We also used this experience to introduce the idea of air resistance, which opposes all motion though the atmosphere. So if you are in need of an experienced and inexpensive pilot, just get ahold of a local freshman and they will help you with all of your paper aviation needs.

Pictured are L-R: Jack Dinneen, Brayden Olsen, Ellliot Erdkamp, Kirby Soukup, Spencer Papik, Marissa Howard, Alexis Trauger, Brianna Beatham, Johnathon Mounce, Sam Zeleny and Hunter Worrell

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