Thursday, September 27, 2012

ODEGEO Leadership Class Holds First Session

 Picture-Steve McLeish, Mary Johnson, Jill Swartzendruber, Kristina Knocke


Odegeo…Leadership for Fillmore County Class Holds Its First Session

The 2012-2013 Odegeo. . . Leadership for Fillmore County class met for its first introductory session on September 18th in Ohiowa at St. John’s Lutheran Church.  This year’s participants are: Shannon Drudik, Kimberlee Gewecke, Dayle Harlow, Amanda Haumont, Ashley Hughes, Craig Hughes, Karla Jacobson, Ann Jansky, Conley Kennel, Steven McLeish, Kristina Knoche, Shawn Nolt, Twila Rocole, Jill Swartzendruber, Lucas Swartzendruber and Amber Taylor.

Bryce Kassik, a member of the Fillmore County Development Corporation (FCDC) Leadership Committee gave opening remarks to the class and explained that the Odegeo Project is a leadership class organized by the Leadership Development Committee of the FCDC and history of the program. The sessions give the participants an opportunity to see many business, cultural and political aspects of Fillmore County as well as a chance to improve their leadership skills.  This is the 15th Odegeo leadership class.

Rhonda Stokebrand, a member of the FCDC Leadership Committee had class members introduce themselves and then did an activity where everyone had an opportunity to learn more about their classmates.  The group  “Followed the Leader”  to the Ohiowa Auditorium where Carol Kapperman spoke to the class about the history of the auditorium and the community leadership involved in  several Ohiowa projects.

Megan Hinrichs, Thayer County Healthy Communities Coalition, was the speaker for the session.  She used “Real Colors” and hands on learning tools to help the class identify their personal characteristics.   Recognizing that people have different personal characteristics can help a person be a better leader and work with a group.

The class members and FCDC Leadership Development Committee members had time for getting acquainted while they enjoyed dinner prepared by the St. John’s Lutheran Church ladies.  Geneva State Bank sponsored the dinner. 

The next session of the Odegeo…Leadership for Fillmore County will be held in October and concentrate on the history and tourism of the County.

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