Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Exeter-Milligan Update: The Smart Cookies

Time does not stand still in Exeter-Milligan!  Mrs.Kara Myers reading group, The Smart Cookies, are enjoying their trip through time while reading a story about two young boys who find a time machine and travel to many different places and through many different times.  So far we have “traveled” 40,000 years ago to the time of the dinosaur (mammoths, eohippuses, and saber tooth tigers...oh my!), 5,000 years ago to the pyramids of Egypt (amazing how they built those pyramids with what little tools they had), and 3,000 years ago to Greece during the Greece and Troy war (all for the love of a women, Helen).  We have also visited Spain in 1492 (Christopher Columbus) and San Francisco in 1906 (the earthquake was quite scary).  These Smart Cookies have also seen 4,000 years in the future (or what it might be like)!  After reading about a certain time, the Smart Cookies draw pictures of what they learned during that time and place and put them on the class timeline, which takes up half the class!  The picture shows Ben Bartu (left) and Braden Capek placing their 1492 pictures on the time line. 

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