Monday, December 12, 2011

Exeter-Milligan First Graders DEAR

Evelyn Michl and Morgan White read together
Marcus Krupicka reads to Elaine Krejci
Cecelia Murphy reads to Marion Geiger and Alva Smith

 Darlene Becker and Doris Hall listen to Cade Kresak read.

Bernie Larsen and Brianna Wiederspan share a book.
Erma Adamson and Gabe Jindra sit together and read.
Louise Hall and Olivea Swanson read together.

DEAR?  What's DEAR? Well, it's Drop Everything And Read.

Exeter-Milligan first graders are busy practicing DEAR and took their practice downtown this week to the Exeter Senior Center.

Area Senior Center members came downtown to listen to the students read.  The eight first graders had plenty of volunteers who wanted to hear them read.

Teacher Sharon Lott has been wanting to do this program with the senior center since last year and was excited to implement the program, "It gives the students more opportunities to practice their reading. It is a nice way to share with members of the community what we are learning at school. We work with the six pillars of Character counts and this is a way to reinforce three of them-- respect, caring, citizenship."

Lott hopes to make the excursion to the Exeter Senior Center once a month and plans to expand the program to include the Senior Center members sharing their life experiences with the first graders and also doing some crafts together.

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