Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Exeter Cub Scouts Participate in Day Camp

Exeter Scouts gather for a photo in one of the rooms at the Wessels Living History Farm. They are picture from the left, Jackson Beethe, Joey Bartu (volunteer from Boy Scout Troop 270), Ben Bartu, Alec Schlueter, and Mikey Bartu. Peytan Brandt is not pictured 
Cub Scouts from all over enjoyed a day at Wessels Living History Farm near York on Saturday at the Prairie Winds District "Down at the Farm" day camp.
Scouts from York, Lincoln, Fairbury, Exeter, and Milligan enjoyed earning four different beltloops, which are not rank specific, throughout the day .
In the morning the scouts worked on the archery beltloop, learning about safety when using a bow and arrow at a range set up on the Wessels campus.  The boys also earned their map and compass belt loop.
During the map and compass session taught by Jason Amick, Cubmaster of Pack 173 in York, the scouts learned about directions and how to read a map.  They drew a map of their own neighborhood complete with a key.
After enjoying their sack lunches in the barn, the scouts explored the farm some more and headed to afternoon sessions which included shooting at a BB gun range, playing soccer, learning about dogs and playing the games of the 1920's.
One part of the day was learning about dog safety from Wessels Living History Farm Director Dale Clark. Clark brought his dog, Sailor, to teach the scouts the correct way to approach and pet a dog.  He also encouraged them to ask the owner of a dog before petting a dog and explained the importance of not distracting working dogs.
Clark shared some games of the past with the scouts teaching them to play a game of "steal the bacon" and showing them the toys of the past and letting them have some playtime with the toys of the grandparents and great-grandparents such as old scooters, tin can stilts, and metal hoops and sticks.
The Prairie Winds District encompasses nine counties in Nebraska as part of the Cornhusker Council of the Boy Scouts of America.
 Exeter Cub Scouts in Pack 218 learned about how a compass works at the Down at the Farm Daycamp at Wessels Living History Farm near York.  From the left Mikey Bartu, Alec Schlueter and Jackson Beethe examine a compass.

From the left Boy Scout Joey Bartu helps Jackson Beethe on the archery range while Dean Bartu helps Peytan Brandt.

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