Saturday, April 16, 2011

First National Bank in Exeter Teaches Children to Save

First National Bank in Exeter joined a group of just three banks in Nebraska that have participated in the Teach Children to Save program for the fifteen years of it's existence.

Wednesday, Sharla Dinneen, representing the bank, visited both campuses of the Exeter-Milligan school with a message about saving.

To start, Dinneen passed out bags of 15 candies to each student instructing them that they could eat 13.  When she asked why only 13, they learned the concept of saving.

Dinneen also gave an example of saving from her own life, a mini bank she had made and decorated to help her meet a goal of a purchase.  She asked the kids to recall her topic from last year and they remembered recycling.  She showed how her saving bank was a recycled item. After talking briefly about how they can recycle and how the bank recycle Dinneen reminded them that, "I think about saving and recycling and I think both should be easy and enjoyable."

The students at Exeter (Kindergarten, first and second graders) had an opportunity to talk about some of their short term and long term savings goals were.  Many talked about electronic devices and toys, but college and cars were mention, too.

Dinneen emphasized the fact that, "Whether you are recycling or saving, we are all trying to do the same thing, which is save for the future."

To show the compounded effect of saving, Dinneen showed the kids a bag of 365 items, as if she had saved one per day. To encourage the students to do even more saving she compared it to a bag of 730 items and talked about how much money that would be if they saved $2.00 a day.

Dinneen encouraged the students to visit their local bank, start a savings account and start saving money.  She asked the students to sign a poster that will be displayed at First National Bank in Exeter and shared a treat with them before they returned to their classrooms.

 First National Bank in Exeter Employee Sharla Dinneen shares about saving with Exeter-Milligan students.

 Exeter-Milligan Kindergarteners get read to sign the poster from First National Bank in Exeter.

Exeter-Milligan First Graders sign the bank poster.

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