Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Exeter-Milligan Update: Mrs. Myers' Reading Group

The Knights and Princesses of the Reading Table (Mrs. Kara
Myers reading group at Exeter-Milligan) continue to
"battle" their reading foes.  Everyday is packed full of
reading increasingly difficult words and building our
reading fluency so we can take on the next reading check-out
"dragon".  As of today, they have mastered 18
"duels" with such dragons (check-outs).  Some have been
difficult, but this tough bunch has persevered and won the
battle.  We don't only focus on reading either!  They have
been hard at work learning such things as writing complete
sentences and using a capital and period, analogies, and
synonyms.  They are always looking forward to their next

Caption for picture:  Mrs. Myers' reading group Knights
and Princesses sitting in front of the cave that holds their
next reading "dragon".  From left to right: Cece Murphy,
Becca Krupicka, Casey Underwood, Alec Schlueter, and
Christopher Kelch.

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