Friday, February 18, 2011

Exeter-Milligan Update: Second Grade Book Swap

Second Grade Book Swap by Marla Weber

Who hasn't received hand-me-downs? Unlike the hand-me-down clothes that fade after each wash, the content in a good book always remains color-safe and vibrant. The words may appear on slightly torn pages, but the imagination and conversation they start can be as fresh and new as the first time the story was read. That's what the Exeter-Milligan Second Graders thought as they planned a Book Swap. Students brought a book or two from home that was slightly used and they no longer wanted. The book exchange was the perfect opportunity to have a snack and conversation as the books were sorted and arranged
by topic and genre. Students asked questions about the books. After looking over the choices, it was time for the SWAP! The book swap was a little more chaotic than time spent at the library, but it's an exciting way
to have fun with books.

Pictured is the 2nd grade with their books.

Front row: Cammie Harrison, Georgia Meyer, Blake Meyer, Anthony Kirkpatrick Kneeling: Olivia Murphy, Jaiden Papik, Brock Steuben, Johnathan Ostrand, Casey Jindra Standing: Makenna Morgan, Jackson Beethe, Clint Oldehoeft, Nick Wiederspan, Christopher Kelch

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