Saturday, January 22, 2011

Exeter-Milligan Update: Book Reviews

Students often look forward to having a snow day, but once it arrives, they sometimes don’t know what to do with extra time. The English students at Exeter-Milligan suggest that snow days offer great opportunities to curl up with a good book. Avid readers may already have a stack of new books waiting to be opened; or at least some old favorites to re-read. Those who don’t particularly like to read, may have problems figuring out what book to choose. Here are some ideas from readers at Exeter Milligan School.

Mystery: The 39 Clues Maze Of Bone, by Rick Riordan
Reviewed By: Broc Mueller,

The main characters are Dan, Amy, The Holt Family, Mr. Alistair, Ian, and Natalie. The most important people are Dan and Amy. They are trying to get the 39 clues are which will make them the most powerful people in the world, and they could also become very rich. The first clue was found in Paris, France. My favorite part of the book is when Dan and Amy went into the catacombs, which is a cave full of bones, which is in Paris. I would recommend this book for people who like adventures and mysteries.

Sports Fiction: Forward Pass by
Reviewed by: Kyle J.

Forward Pass is about a girl named Jill Winston, who is a really good athlete and a great basketball player. On the football field there is a good quarterback named Scott Butler who throws a great bullet pass but he has no one to throw it to because nobody can catch it. The football coach Frank Gardner talks to Jill in the morning after a basketball game and she said yes her dad says no right away but coach talks him into it, but if the basketball coach finds out right away she could stop it so no one mentions it to her. My favorite part of the book is when Jill plays her first game because everyone on the opposite make a big deal about it and how she can’t play, but she actually can because there is no rule that says she cannot. I recommend this book if you like football and being a receiver even if you’re a girl it’s a good book.

Realistic Fiction: TTYL, by Lauren Myracle
Reviewed by: Janey Due

TTYL is about three girls named Zoe, Angela, and Maddie, who are entering high school as best friends, and trying to stay that way. Zoe likes a teacher and goes to church with him. Maddie is always mad except when she finds a boy that she likes. Angela also likes a boy and they get along really well. Maddie kind of breaks off from the group of friends to hang out with a girl named Jana. Zoe and Angela are kind of mad about it but it ends up working well in the end when all the girls work it out. Once I started reading this book I didn’t want to put it down. It really relates to real life and teens in high school. The girls learn to beat the pressures of high school and stay together. It was a very good book, and a lot of girls would probably like it if they gave it a chance.

Romance: The Last Song, By Nicholas Sparks
Reviewed by: Kylie Briske

The Last Song is about a girl named Veronica “Ronnie” Miller, who is from New York City. That summer she and her little brother, Jonah were visiting her father in South Carolina, who divorced her mother years earlier so she does like him at all. During the town fair she meets a boy named Will Blaklee, whose family owns a nation wide auto-care company and they are very wealthy. After Ronnie finally warmed up to her dad, they became closer, until tragedy struck. One evening Ronnie, Will, Jonah, and their father were watching over sea turtle eggs on the beach, and her father started to cough and then he fell on the ground with blood leaking out of his mouth. That night Ronnie and Jonah learn that their father is dying of cancer, and that he has stopped taking treatments for it. As the school year approaches, Ronnie decides to take a semester off from Julliard and stay in South Carolina to help her father. After about a month and a half, Ronnie’s father passes away and she decides to return to college with will just a few miles away. I recommend this book to anyone who likes a romance, but also a sad story. This is one of my most favorite books and I'm sure anyone would enjoy this book.

Winter is only seasonal, but a good story sticks with you forever. So find a good book to curl up with, take some time to read during every season of the year. Your next great read is only a page turn away.

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