Friday, October 22, 2010

Exeter-Milligan Reading News

by Kara Myers

I am proud to introduce the Exeter-Milligan, Reading Mastery
"Knights and Princess of the Reading Table".  "Queen
Myers" assists each knight and princess in their
"quest" through the pages of their daily stories.  After
every fifth lesson, the knights and princess are ready to
challenge the "check-out dragons".  In order to
"slay" these dragons, each knight and princess need to
read a section of what was read prior in group in a certain
amount of time with  few errors.  "Queen Myers" is proud
of how hard each knight and princess are working and has
promised parents she will help them in their "journey"
and will bring them home safely each day.

Pictured are Front L-R: Rebecca Krupicka, Christopher Kelch,
Nick Wiederspahn
Back L-R: Peyton Pribyl, Blake Meyer, Casey Underwood, and
Alec Schuleter

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