Friday, June 11, 2010

Exeter Public Library Making a SPLASH!!!!

Exeter Public Library Reading program got off to a Splash the first few weeks of June. Preschool through third graders are enjoying special times for reading stories about sea life, doing special "oceany" crafts and playing games.

It's time for the sea turtle races! Christopher Kelch, left, moves his turtle fast down the racing lane, leaving Emma Olsen to catch up. The other participants watch the race progress before taking a turn to race.

Kindergarteners and first graders gather to make an ocean scene of sea animals and seaweed. The are pictured from the left facing forward, Ben Bartu and Christopher Kelch. The girls intently working are from the left Emma Olsen, Cami Harrison and Summer Auld.

Kindergarteners and First graders are memorized by the book Exeter Librarian Nina Bartu is reading to them.

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