Monday, June 28, 2010

Boy Scouts Earn Merit Badges at Cornhusker Camp

Exeter Boy Scouts who are members of Troop 390 out of Cordova spent a week in June at Boy Scout Camp, Cornhusker Camp, near Humboldt, Nebraska.

While they were there they enjoyed swimming, canoeing, archery, cooking and more while sleeping in their tents and learning with many other scouts who were there for the week.

Attending were Kirby Soukup, Cody Soukup, Jack Dinneen and Elliot Erdkamp.

Kirby earned merit badges in swimming, canoeing, archery and camping. Cody earned his Geocaching merit badge and participated in a Senior Patrol Leader program. Elliot earned his swimming, cooking, canoeing and nature merit badges and Jack earned his nature, swimming, canoeing and archery merit badges. The boys also started several other merit badges which they will complete at home.

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