Friday, April 23, 2010

Going Up So You Can Go Down

Matching the flume pieces up. Not quite enough day left to attach them.
Tim Wilbeck is up in the tower working on the flume.
Rusty Ruhl and Alan Michl bolt the stair pieces to the landing.
Setting the first piece of the slide tower in place.

John Mueller, far left, Alan Michl, middle, and Rusty Ruhl, right, check measurements before starting the slide installation.

The Exeter Aquatic Center Slide is going up so that the pool visitors can go down. Friday, despite clouds and threatening weather volunteers joined Village Maintenance Supervisor John Mueller to assemble the new slide.

Joining Mueller were Village Chairman Alan Michl, Board Member Mitch Schlegelmilch, Board Member Tim Wilbeck, Board Member Margaret Petro, Norm Yound, Paul Erdkamp and Rusty Ruhl.

The main tower was lifted into the pool area via a crane truck owned by Horizontal Boring and Tunneling of Exeter. Horizontal Boring donated the use of the truck and the labor of Paul Erdkamp.

At the end of the work day the volunteers had the tower and the steps assembled and had started to line up the pieces of the flume. The flume pieces will have to be well cleaned and sealed as they are assembled.

The Village Board plans to have the slide assembled and fully functional for the opening weekend of the pool.

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