Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Exeter Girl Scout Troop takes a trip to Wessel's

Exeter Girl Scout Troop 390 had a special morning on Saturday as they had a private tour of the Wessels Living History Farm just for Girl Scouts.

This event, organized by the Spirit of Nebraska Council was a event available only on Saturday, with two sessions during the day limited to twelve girls per session.

Exeter Troop leaders Becky Erdkamp and Anita Mueller took all six of their troop members.

During the day the girls learned all about farming in the 1920's from their tour guides, Dale and Joan Clark.

The tour included stops at all of the outbuildings that are on the historical farm, with their first stop being a tour of the tractors and plows. They learned how the different tractors start as well.

While visiting the livestock barn the group learned about getting chores done including securing the legs of the cows to keep them from kicking while milking.

The girls enjoyed playing with the baby chicks and touring the house at the farm.

The highlight, for Girl Scout Tara Mueller was "making mini apple pies in a muffin tin on the wood stove, and making homemade ice cream."

Each of the girls learned how to make the pies and helped hand crank the ice cream. Part of learning about the 1920's era was living it and the girls experienced it to the fullest, even feeding their apple and orange peelings to the chickens.

During their visit the girls picked a fancy hat from the display at the farm to wear since visitors in the 1920's typically wore hats while luncheoning.

The girls enjoyed playing with outdoor toys of the time period including a scooter, and hoop and sticks.

According to Troop co-leader Anita Mueller, the girls each got a patch from their visit, and some of their experiences during their day will count toward different badges.

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