Thursday, January 21, 2010

Exeter School News

7th Grade FCS students learning sewing skills by sewing on
paper to demonstrate hand/eye coordination and accuracy.

Foods/Nutrition students getting their vegetables prepped
for their soup lab.

FCCLA members enjoying the Wii competiton that was held to
support a FCCLA STAR project of "We Get Fit With Wii".

Family and Consumer Science News

Adult Living/Personal Finance- The students are
investigation relationships. Throughout this chapter of
study, the students have taken a look at the four
different levels of friendship and personally identified
examples of these friendships in their own lives,
described what qualities they would seek in a friend and are
now taking a look at ways that friendships help them
grow personally, how to develop a close friendship,
positive and negative peer pressure, factors that affect
family relationships and probably the most important one
ways to improve parent-teen relationships.

The students are using their knowledge of management to
plan a trip. While planning this trip, they will keep
track of the four resource areas that they used:
material, community, human and natural. They must stay
within their selected budget, have up to 7 days to enjoy
their trip, keep track of all expenses, record their
daily agenda, write checks for their expenses and calculate
their on going money that is available. During their
planned trip, they must visit a natural wonder of their
choice, visit a historical site and also brainstorm an
alternative for each. They will be responsible for
keeping a trip diary and reflecting upon their choices. To
conclude this project, each student will create a visual
to show their selections, and how they used their
budgeted funds.


A new semester brings in a new class. Students are
finding out lots of new things about themselves as well
as their classmates. Through several different projects,
the students are able to express their likes, dislikes,
values, dreams, goals, etc. The project they are
working on now is called "Who Are You?" This project is a
combination of displaying several items. A shoe box or
large manila envelope is used as the vessel. On the
outside of it they are to display 10 things we may be
aware of them, 2 things about themselves personally,
hobbies and activities they enjoy, school highlights and
2 items about their family. This could be done in words,
phrases or photos. On the inside the include 10 things
we might not know about them but are willing to share, 2
items about their personality, 2 quotes that mean a lot
to them, values in their life, good qualities about
their themselves and abilities and 2 things that make them
laugh either being jokes or stories. They will then do a
presentation to their classmates.

FCS 7-

Can you hear the sewing machines humming? Students are
learning hand/eye coordination with the sewing machines.
They are now practicing on paper, trying to fine tune
their coordination and trying to be accurate with their
sewing. Pieces for their technology project are cut out
and we will be moving onto that project when they have
completed their driver's test for sewing and completing a
couple of dot to dot activities with the sewing machine.
Look for these projects at the Milligan Grassland Days
in March. Students also will be constructing several
different types of sewing projects from Haan Craft.

Child Development-

>Reality Babies are out and about. The students are
learning about the birth of a baby and we will be having
some guest speakers (new Mommies) to share their
experiences with us. The girls will also be responsible
for asking questions and recording the answers to be
used within a class discussion following the speakers
presentations. We will take a closer look at the various
types of birthing techniques and wrap up the chapter.


Students competed in a buffalo wing competition. The
students enjoy competition but in sports and in the
classroom. Participants selected 4 staff members and
one student body member to be their judges. They were
evaluated for the wings appearance, heat/spice, flavor
and tenderness. The results of this competition were: 1st
place- Stephanie Briske, 2nd- Richard Erdkamp, 3rd place-
Michael Schoop, 4th place- Char Andreasen, 5th place-
Dillon Rischling and 6th place- Taylor Slezak. The
students will be warming up their tummies with the next
lab of soups and stews. Students will be finding yummy
recipes for soups or stews to make and then share with
the student body.


The FCCLA Chapter was finally able to have their holiday
gathering on Monday, 1-18. A night of super nachos, a
holiday movie ( a bit late but still good to view) and Wii
Competition. The members enjoyed getting together for
some fun, food and competition. The Wii competition was
compliment Deidre Stevens STAR project and to bring an
awareness to the members of the easy exercise one can get
through the Wii and have fun doing it.

FCCLA STAR competition will be held on Jan. 27th. Results
will be posted in the weekly bulletin following this
competition and also on the FCCLA section of my webpage
which is located at Click on Mary Lou
Vossler and view the photos of awards, participants and
read the results. Entering projects for STAR 09-10 were:
Kelsey Moore, Becca Vossler- Applied Technology-"Self
Defense", Amanda Dinneen- Health and Wellness- "Be Aware
of the Scare-H1N1", Shauna Meyer- Illustrated Talk- "To
Wear or Not To Wear?", Meredith Emshoff, Liz Murphy- >
Health and Wellness- "Dying For A Tan", Toni Bossaller-
Illustrated Talk-"How Much is That Drink Worth?", Deidre
Stevens- Health and Wellness- "We Get Fit With Wii".
Exeter Milligan FCCLA Chapter were hosts for this event
that was held at the middle school in Davenport. Other
FCCLA Chapters competiting were: Fillmore Central,
Cross County, Superior, Thayer Central, Sutton, and York.
Students will display and present their projects during
FCCLA week at our annual "Super Nachos and STARS Night".

FCCLA will also have cake raffle on Feb. 19. Look for
lots of Pink that night as we will be trying make an
awareness of Breast Cancer.

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