Monday, June 8, 2009

Exeter Cub Scouts Tour the Exeter Pool

Kevin Christiansen of Christiansen Construction shows the Exeter Pack 218 Cub Scouts blueprints for the new pool. Scouts from the left are Joey Bartu, Trystan Brandt, Eric Olsen and Peytan Brandt (Roger Brandt is behind).

The Exeter Cub Scout Pack 218 took a trip to look at the new Exeter pool. While they were there they looked at the blueprints of the pool with Kevin Christiansen of Christiansen Construction. The scouts looked at the completed bathrooms in the bathhouse and walked around the new pool.

After the tour of the pool, the scouts went and made Father's Day gifts, made catapults, learned about the metric system and measuring and played chess. During the afternoon the boys also had a snack.

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