Monday, May 18, 2009

New trees are planted at the Exeter Cemetery

From the left, Brian Moor, Joe Dinneen (on tractor) and Mitch Schlegelmilch move a new tree to its appointed location.

The Exeter Cemetery Board along with plenty of volunteers spent Friday afternoon planting a variety of 23 new trees in planned locations throughout the cemetery.

The trees arrived in the afternoon and holes were drilled by Ed Mark in the exact specified locations. Each tree was planted according to the plan and the directions were carefully followed.

The volunteers worked until after 7 p.m. to finish planting, staking, fertilizing and watering each of the trees. More volunteers are needed to commit to watering the trees and helping to remove the dead and dying trees. Contact JoDee Mika at 421 North River Ave, Exeter, NE 68351 or Barry Murphy at 266-4161. Donations are also welcome.

See the slideshow for more pictures of the event.

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