Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's a beauty!

Exeter's newest resident arrived this week. A self-service recycling trailer that was actually made in Nebraska!

Funding from the Nebraska Environmental Trust enabled the Village to purchase the 14 bin trailer that will be available to residents 24/7.

The trailer is located behind the American Legion Home in the alley.

What to bring and how to do it!

#1 Plastic (PETE) All plastic bottles that contain liquids consumed by humans are packaged in clear or colored # 1 PETE plastic bottles. Some other food such as catsup and salad dressing may also be this type but you must check the bottom number to be sure.
Examples: pop, cranberry juice, sports drinks, liquor
Preparations: rinse and discard lids

#2 Plastic (HDPE) This is a harder colored or white plastic is not clear.
Examples: milk and water jugs, laundry detergents, shampoo, coffee, some yogurt, margarine & cottage cheese containers. Check the bottom number to be sure
Preparations: rinse and discard lids, crush large containers

Tin Cans: These are most of the canned goods on your pantry shelves.
Preparations: Rinse, labels can be left on. Flatten gallon or large cans .

Aluminum cans: Pop, beer, sports drinks, some pet food containers. Pleases no pie tins or aluminum foil.
Preparations: rinse (Optional- remove pull tabs and save for Exeter Woman’s Club)

Newspapers: Daily, Sunday, or weekly publications
Preparations: no sorting of colored or slick pages is needed. Do not include plastic sleeves.

Magazines: all types of magazines are accepted.
Preparations: Remove any plastic wrapped covers or sleeves. No phone books

Corrugated cardboard: All boxes or packing boxes with a wavy core.
Examples: Grocery boxes, clean pizza boxes. Please no egg cartons, cereal boxes, 12 pack holders

What NOT to do!

Please do not use this trailer as your garbage dump!

Items must be clean and properly sorted or the recycling company will not accept the items.

DO NOT throw in bags, boxes, string or other “holders” along with the recycling items.

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