Sunday, November 16, 2008

Exeter Village Board Approves Bids for Pool

The Exeter Village Board has chosen nearly all of the contractors for the pool construction and finished approving them in a special meeting Friday evening.

Special guest at the meeting was Dave Henke, supervisor of the aquatics division of JEO Consulting, the engineers for the project. Henke tabulated all of the proposed bids for a grand total of $1,275,000. He reminded the board that this did not include "shelters, slides, painting or any engineering fees during construction."

Part of the reason that the slide was not included in construction is because of a problem with current slide design and some recent legislation that will require the re-engineering of every slide made. Once the manufacturing changes have been made Mayor Alan Michl expects the "biggest push to be for the slide."

The board had already approved both the electrical contractor and the pool builder. During the meeting they approved the carpenter's bid, plumbing contractor and the footings and wall construction. Houlden Remodeling out of Friend will be doing the carpentry, Kelch Plumbing and Heating of Exeter will be the plumbing contractor and Roth and Troyer Construction out of Milford will do the cement work for the footings and walls of the bathhouse.

According to Village Maintenance Supervisor John Mueller demolition is scheduled to start the week of Thanksgiving. Look for daily updates on the website.

The Village Board will have their next regular meeting on Tuesday, December 2nd at 7:30 p.m.

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