Friday, December 5, 2008

Did you know Fido and Fluffy need a license?

According to Exeter Village ordinance 6-101 any dog over the age of 4 months has to be licensed within 30 days of ownership. Cats have to be licensed within 4 months of ownership according to 6-113.

The licenses are available at the city office Monday through Thursday from 8 -5 and are just $1.00 for male dogs, spayed female dogs and all cats. Unspayed female dogs cost $3.00 to license. This is an ANNUAL fee. Licenses are due each May 1st and are delinquent June 1st.

Why should I get a license for Fluffy and Fido? Well, they need to have their license on their collar in case they get loose in town. According to ordinance 6-105 "Uncollared dogs found running at large shall be killed or impounded in the Municipal Dog Shelter by the Municpal Police."

So, if your dog or cat doesn't have a collar with a license if caught they can be impounded or killed. If the dog is impounded ordinance 6-106 requires that the owner pay impoundment fee of ten dollars plus licensing within the first 24 hours, after that a reclaiming fee of ten dollars is added on to that. After 72 hours the dog may be destroyed by the Village Police.

In obtaining a dog license owners must present proof of the dogs current rabies shot for the village records.

Here's a great stocking stuffer for Fluffy and Fido, a bright shiny new license from the Exeter Village.

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