Monday, April 1, 2024

Exeter-Milligan Update: EMF Speech Season


Front: Kiley Oldehoeft, Kmila Benitez, Kyler Sladek, Halona Wooton, Babe Weber

Back: Jase Luzum, Neal Scott, Logan Krupicka, Troy Kallhoff, Tucker Svec

The Exeter-Milligan/Friend (EMF) had a very successful inaugural season in 2024. The season began in January, with Troy Kallhoff earning a fourth-place medal in extemporaneous speaking at the meet at Adams Central. At the Thayer Central meet, Kallhoff was third in the same event while teaming up with Kmila Benitez to finish fourth in duet acting. To finish the month, EMF traveled to Humboldt for the MUDECAS Conference Meet. As a team, EMF finished fifth. Leading the team at the meet was Tucker Svec, who won humorous impromptu and was second in humorous prose. Svec earned another silver medal with teammates Benitez, Logan Krupicka, and Jase Luzum in OID. Krupicka added a fifth-place medal in humorous prose, while Benitez came home with sixth in POI. Benitez and Kallhoff were fifth in duet. Additionally, Kallhoff medaled third in extemporaneous and fourth in entertainment. Fifth-place medals were added for the EMF team by Halona Wooton in entertainment and Babe Weber in informative. 


February was a full schedule again for the EMF speech team beginning with a Saturday trip to Shelby. The meet was highlighted by Tucker Svec and Kiley Oldehoeft winning duet impromptu. Svec also was fourth in humorous prose. Troy Kallhoff finished third and fifth in extemporaneous and entertainment, respectively. Troy and Kmila Benitez were sixth in duet acting. A sixth-place medal in persuasive was earned by Neal Scott. The OID of Logan Krupicka, Svec, Oldehoeft, and Benitez finished third at the meet. A long weekday trip to Falls City for the Pioneer Conference Meet turned out to be successful for EMF. The team finished fifth in the overall sweepstakes standings. Kallhoff won extemporaneous and was second in entertainment, and Kmila and Troy were fifth in duet acting. Tucker finished with a bronze medal in humorous prose. The OID of Kiley, Kmila, Logan, and Tucker was fifth. 


Still in February, EMF participated in the Meridian Meet. First-place medals were awarded to:  Kiley Oldehoeft and Babe Weber in duet, Troy Kallhoff in entertainment, and Kmila Benitez in POI. Second-place medals went to Kmila and Troy in duet, Troy in extemporaneous, and the OID. In humorous prose, Tucker Svec was third. Halona Wooton was fifth in entertainment and humorous impromptu. Neal Scott was fifth in persuasive. Svec finished sixth in humorous prose, while Wooton, along with Kyler Sladek were sixth in duet acting. There was tough competition at Sutton. Kallhoff and Benitez earned third-place medals in duet. While Troy added a third in entertainment and a sixth in extemporaneous. At the Dunsmoor Classic in McCool, Tucker won humorous impromptu and was fifth in humorous prose. Troy finished second in extemporaneous and fourth in entertainment. The OID of Kmila, Kiley, Logan, and Tucker was sixth. 

Troy performing in extemporaneous speaking at the Class C2 State Speech Competition. 

March included the rescheduled High Plains Meet, District Meet in Genoa, and the State Meet in Kearney. At High Plains, Kallhoff finished third in extemporaneous. In a tough C-2 District, Troy Kallhoff earned a trip to the State Meet, with a third-place finish in extemporaneous speaking. The OID of Benitez, Oldehoeft, Svec, and Krupicka placed sixth in the final round. At the State competition, Troy performed well in extemporaneous, winning his third preliminary round. He was tied in total rank, but was two points shy of the last qualifying spot for the final round. Troy Kallhoff had a very successful senior season, as did the entire EMF speech team in their first season.

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