Sunday, December 3, 2023

Exeter-Milligan Update: Visit to Cooper Station


Students Visit Cooper Station

 By Jordan Marr, Exeter-Milligan Social Studies Instructor


The Exeter-Milligan American government and science classes visited Cooper Nuclear Station near Brownville to learn more about nuclear power production.  The students were able to tour many parts of the facility, including the radioactive controlled areas, and learned the many benefits and safety protocols used in the facility to provide large amounts of electricity to many in the region. 



E-M pictured are

Front:  NPPD personnel, Mikey Bartu, Lily Jeffries, Emma Meyer, Taylor Pribyl, Kierra Papik, Kmila Benetiz, and Liberty Johnson

Back: NPPD personnel, Mr. Jordan Marr, Dravin Birkes, Aidan Vavra, bus driver Dean Bartu Carter Bourquin, Jayden Capek, Carter Milton, Mr. Matt Nicholas, and NPPD personnel



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