Sunday, December 17, 2023

Exeter-Milligan Update: Middle School Language Arts


Middle Grades Language Arts update

By Sara Pella, Exeter-Milligan Middle School Language Arts Teacher


In 8th grade English, the students have embarked into a captivating literary journey as they explore Mary Shelley's timeless classic, "Frankenstein," in the form of a graphic novel.  They began the graphic novel by drawing their interpretation of Frankenstein, they soon learned that Frankenstein is actually the scientist and not the monster.  The students sketched their interpretations of the monster, drawing inspiration from the rich descriptions found in the text.  At the end of the unit, they will work together to create a life-size monster of their own.  

In the 7th grade English class the students have been diving into the life of Phineas Gage, a railroad worker who survived a traumatic brain injury in the 19th century. Students examine the psychological and physiological effects of Gage's injury on his personality and behavior.  They will eventually have to form an opinion about whether Phineas Gage was lucky or unlucky and write a persuasive essay on the topic.  

In the 6th grade English class the students have been on a historical journey as they explore the devastating impact of Yellow Fever. They learn about the epidemics that struck cities in the 18th and 19th centuries, particularly the infamous 1793 outbreak in Philadelphia. Through narratives and non-fiction accounts, students gain an understanding of the medical, social, and cultural aspects of this disease. 

The 6th, 7th, and 8th grade reading curriculum introduces students to a diverse range of subjects, from history and science to literature. These texts not only help students develop their reading and analytical skills but also expand their horizons by exposing them to important historical events, intriguing scientific case studies, and classic literature. There have been some amazing classroom discussions and lots of student engagement!


Pictured are: Clayton Pribyl, Max Real, and Brogan Staskal

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