Friday, November 24, 2023

EMF Plays at Memorial Stadium


The EMF Bobcats invaded Memorial Stadium on Monday monring, November 20th.  The Bobcats were ranked #7 meeting the #1 team, Stanton.  Stanton defeated Sandy Creek the game before to make it to the stadium.  EMF lost to Sandy Creek in triple overtime for their one loss on the season.

Stanton found the end zone with 9:30 left in the first quarter and put up the first points on the board but the Bobcats stopped the conversion attempt but just a minute later Breckan Schluter found the end zone for six and then two points making the score 8-6. Stanton scored again with 10:25 left in the half making it 8 - 12.
EMF sent Schluter into the end zone again making it 14-12.  With :36 left in the half Stanton scored making it 14-18 at the half.

Out of the half the Bobcats found paydirt and Schluter tacked on eight points and then six more making the score 28-18.

The fourth quarter was rough on the Bobcats as the Mustangs capitalized on two fumbles and an interception giving tem the win 28-34 leaving the Bobcats as the runner-up team.

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