Monday, October 30, 2023

Exeter's Trunk or Treat

Hot chocolate was perfect for a chilly Trunk or Treat night in Exeter and the EMF Bobcat cheerleaders were on hand to serve it up.


With a dusting of snow and temperatures in the 30’s Exeter’s Annual Trunk or Treat was moved inside the Legion on Sunday afternoon.


Instead of trunks, kids walked around the Legion to different stations where they got to see scary witches, walk the plank, fill up on hot dogs and cotton candy, play a game of Plinko or tic tac toe and see the dinosaurs at Jurassic Park.  It was a busy evening with over 80 kids who walked through.


There were plenty of treats to be hand and the Exeter Community Club sponsored the hot dog meal that was served free to everyone.  Sponsors of the meal and hot chocolate were Generations Bank, Sweetwater Bar, Casey’s and the Exeter Senior Center.


Each station could enter a decorating contest and the winners were the Zach Becker family for their Jurassic Park booth and Pirates Lane Strate and Kristine Hankins where you could walk the plank.


Cindy Markowski takes a break from making cotton candy to help Ava Capek and her mom, Melissa Capek some treats.
Dean Bartu helps Charlee Stevens (and her mom Kendra Stevens),  play Hallo-Plinko at Exeter’s Trunk or Treat.
Cinderella (Winslow Pella) brought her Fairy Godmother (her mom, Sara Pella), a mouse (little brother Lincoln) and Prince Charming (her dad, Jordan Pella) to Exeter’s Trunk or Treat.
Kora Havel shows that nurses can treat themselves to cotton candy every once in a while.
Kyler Oldehoeft discusses his treats with his mom, Kendra Oldehoeft at Exeter’s Trunk or Treat Sunday afternoon.
Grayson Arbuck hits all the booths and gets her cotton candy at Exeter’s Trunk or Treat.
We’re not sure how a Chiefs team member (Barrett White) was able to walk the plank but he must have made it safely across to play football.

From 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. the Exeter American Legion was busy with an indoor trunk or treat.

Maize Ogren plays tic tac toe with Paul Sheffield at Exeter’s Trunk or Treat.

Winslow Pella is fascinated by Sharon Dyer’s scary pumpkin.

Below – The Becker family lines up in front of their Jurassic Park “trunk.”  Pictured from the left are Gracelyn, Knox, J.J., Beau and Creighton all in their dinosaur costumes.


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