Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Exeter Senior Center Hosts Senior to Senior Breakfast


For 22 years the Exeter Senior Center has honored the graduating Exeter-Milligan seniors and their grandparents by serving them breakfast before the graduates head off to graduation practice.

Friday morning 8 of the 11 graduates joined their grandparents for a delicious breakfast of egg casseroles, donuts, fruit, juice and coffee. 

This program, the senior to senior breakfast, was initiated by Elva McBride, a long-time member of the Exeter Senior Center.

Brenda Motis, Fillmore County Senior Services Director, spoke at the event noting, “It’s the parents who get all the recognition as they should.  But we also know how important the love and support of grandparents can be in the lives of their grandchildren.” 

The students and their grandparents were served the breakfast by volunteers from the Exeter-Milligan Student Council at the senior center.  Motis who noted this is the 25th year the senior center has been open introduced the Senior Center board of directors who were present including Dave Polak, Bob Bartu, Diane Hanson, Elaine Krejci, Barb Jansen and Sharon Dyer. 

Motis reminded the seniors that they were the first class that their first grade teacher, Sharon Lott, brought to the senior center once a month.  They often read books together, or practiced reading out loud with those at the senior center.  The group would share a snack or a craft at times.  Motis passed around pictures she found from their visits.

After breakfast was consumed, Motis asked the seniors to introduce themselves and elaborate on their plans after graduation.  She also asked them to introduce all of their grandparents and family members who were present. 

The grandparents were also given an opportunity to share stories about the graduates along with special memories.  The laughter in the audience was contagious. 

Motis reminded the graduates, “No matter what, always remember you’ll always have a link to the Exeter and Milligan communities and family, friends and neighbors like us who are thinking of you and supporting you all the way.”

The graduates enjoyed some time visiting with their grandparents at the conclusion of the breakfast. 

The senior center gave away two gift cards to the graduates by drawing the names of Olivea Swanson and Daysan Staskal.



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