Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Exeter-Milligan Update: Third Grade News


3rd grade news!

By Ashley Arbuck, Exeter-Milligan 3rd grade Instructor


3rd graders love when they get to collaborate with each other and create awesome projects with the knowledge they have gained during pausing points throughout the units in CKLA. This time, each group got to create a poster with information about a different Native American Region that they have learned about.  After presenting their posters, the students compared and contrasted the three different regions.. 


Pictures L-R:


Knox Becker, Reed Wince, Avery Hankins working on their project


Maizy Ogren, Wesley Hopkins, Kenan Petersen working on their project


Layne Zelenka, William Lock, Easton Schlegelmilch working on their project


Layne Zelenka, Easton Schlegelmilch, and William Lock presenting their project


Maizy Ogren, Kenan Petersen, and Wesley Hopkins presenting their project


Avery Hankins, Knox Becker, and Reed Wince presenting their project


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