Friday, June 24, 2022

Exeter Village Board Meets


The Exeter Village Board met on Tuesday, June 7 at the village office.  Board member Justin Harre was absent. The board quickly approved the minutes and invoices before the final reading of the Coop annex ordinance.

The board approved the motion for ordinance 599 to annex the coop property on the north side of the village.

After a brief discussion the board approved the JEO engineering agreement which Chairman Alan Michl explained,“shows the scope of what they are going to do.”

The board approved closing main street for Exeter days July 30.  The legion will have the liquor license.

Clerk Becky Erdkamp explained that an inspector from the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy performed a health inspection at the pool and the senior center.  The senior center was written up for several minor serving and cleaning issues but also noted that a sink air gap is required.

The board was puzzled as to why this was now required as the facility has passed inspection for years.  The inspector told Erdkamp that progress on the alternation must be shown by June 10.

The inspector also visited the pool and wrote up several very minor issues.  He threatened to close the pool as the license from the state does not have the correct address and he reasoned that the fire department might not be able to find the pool in case of an emergency.

Erdkamp noted that the state had made the mistake on the license, not the village.

Michl planned to call Senator Brandt office to talk about the inspections.  Erdkamp mentioned that they are working on getting  local plumber to give an estimate.

Village Maintenance Supervisor John Mueller was not at the meeting and Michl noted that the maintainer had been repaired

Erdkamp gave her clerk’s report including sales tax which was 11,389.31 for April and Keno for May which was 273.06. 

She informed the board that the auditors are hoping to have a draft to present to the board this month and would like to hold a special meeting before June 30.  They also recommended an additional software for Erdkamp to use and the board approved this purchase.

Erdkamp received a complaint from a resident that the dumpster at the pool was blown into a vehicle by the wind on Memorial Day.  The board noted that the issue would be handled by insurance.

It was also noted that the village will receive several pieces of playground from the school that will be placed at Gilbert’s park. The board approved a donation of $100 from keno funds to the Exeter-Milligan FCCLA cancer 5K event this summer.

Next meeting was set for Wednesday, July 6.


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