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Throwback Thursday 1/22/2012



Mr. Jordan Marr’s junior American Government class at Exeter-Milligan is currently studying the presidency. To gain insight on the role of president, the students are in the process of researching past presidents to see the impact these men had on the world. Part of the process requires each student to pick a president of their choosing and present to the class information pertaining to various aspects of that person’s life. Along with presenting the information, they are to create a poster for their president.

Ed Mark, President of First National Insurance Agency, Inc. (FNIA) announced that the agency has purchased the Dinneen Insurance Agency of Exeter effective December 13, 2011.


The Dinneen Insurance Agency began operation in 1936 when J.J. Dinneen’s grandfather became licensed to sell insurance for Farmers Mutual Hail of Iowa. Dinneen’s father J.W. took over the business in 1951 until a car accident limited his involvement in the business. J.J. became an agent of the Dinneen Insurance Agency in 1985.


Grant applications were opened for the Fillmore County Foundation.

“Water Cooler ‘Talk’- Keys to Effective Teamwork and Customer Service” was the topic at the Brown Bag Workshop held on January 24th with Carmen Schwab of Lincoln as the presenter.


Over 90 people attended the one-hour Brown Bag Workshop during the three sessions that was held at the community room at Heritage Crossings. The Fillmore County Development Corporation Leadership Development Committee sponsored the workshop. Partial funding was provided by the Fillmore County Foundation.


Schwab offered the participants an opportunity for personal and professional growth using an entertaining and interactive style. She reminded participants that the true writer of their paycheck is the customer and that everyone in a business has a role to play to give the customer a great experience. She also encouraged participants to make it personal, make it an experience, and pay attention to their body language when they work with customers and colleagues. In the end, how do we create that “distilled” water cooler talk both internally and externally that shows we’ve given great customer service and been effective team members.

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