Sunday, October 17, 2021

EMF downs Southern, on to the Playoffs


The Bobcats started strong and there seemed to be no way for the Southern Raiders to hold them back on Friday night in Milligan.

With 9:06 left in first quarter on 4th and 9 Christian Weber sends a pass that drops right into the hands of Chase Svehla and in he goes into the end zone. Weber added the two point conversion. 8 - 0
Just over a minute later and after Weber intercepts a Southern pass on first down Weber sneaks by the Southern defense and is in for six.  Breckan Schluter tacks on two points 16-0

On their next set of downs Southern gets a pass off into Bobcat territory but the Bobcats shut them down in the red zone.  EMF makes four huge stops and they take possession of the ball on the six yard line.  Weber hands the ball off to Schluter and he goes all the way downfield into the end zone on the first down.  Jesse Duba carries the ball in for two.  24-0.

With :23 left in first quarter JB drake punches his way down the field and on 3rd down he is in for 6. Mikey Bartu takes it in for two. 32 to 0

With 10:27 in the half Weber takes punt return out to the EMF 25. On second down Weber keeps it and he is in for six but the two point attempt is not good.  38-0
Southern scored with 3:09 left in the half. 38 to 6

 Things didn't slow up out of the half as the Bobcats scored after ticking just :16 seconds off the clock.  Weber sends another huge pass to Svehla and he catches it in the end zone.  Aidan Vavra takes the two point in making it 46-6

The Bobcats return another punt from the Raiders and Mikey Bartu catches the punt and runs deep into Raider territory. Duba carries the ball in for six but the two point is denied.  52-6

With a running clock Tyler Due takes a big hit out of bounds and the Raiders are penalized 15 yards leaving the Bobcats with the ball inside the 10.  Due takes it in for 6 but the two point is stopped. 58-6

Southern finds the end zone for another 8 and makes it 58-14.

With 2:09 left in game Tyrell Fennel cuts loose from 15 out and weaves his way into the end zone. Two point conversion is no good and the final score is 64 to 14.  

#9 EMF will travel to Laurel on Thursday night to play #8 Laurel-Concord-Coleridge at 6:30 p.m.

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