Friday, June 11, 2021

Exeter-Milligan Update: View from the front office



WOW – where did the 2020-21 school year run off to?  Before we know it, we will hear Pomp and Circumstance and send kids home for the summer. It has been an exciting year, filled with many firsts and also some second-guesses.  Overall, looking back, it has been a successful one. We are ecstatic we had the opportunity to have in-person delivery of instruction and participate in all of our school activities.  We are truly blessed to have everyone’s support during this trying year.

Unfortunately, we have not had the opportunity to hear some amazing speakers as we have in the past.  As I reminisced about the “good ol’ days”, one speaker who left his mark is Olympic gold medal winner, and Shelby native, Curt Tomasevicz.  His visit had three main points and I would like to put my spin on those points.

            The first point is to remember where you have been.  There is something to be said about experience.  As a beginning teacher, I did not have that experience to draw on once I had my own classroom.  Everything was new to me and I had to experience the good with the bad.  I soon discovered what was taught in college was not exactly how it happened in real life.  Over time, I was able to recognize this and draw on my experiences to help ford the way.

            However, this point also has a flip side to it. As Bon Jovi sings,” Who says you can't go home. There's only one place that call me one of their own.”  We must always remember where we came from.  Those people, places and things have shaped us into who we are today.  Our experiences, where we came from, have helped guide us on our fantastic journey and we must never forget that.

            We must also remember who we are.  Each one of us has a central core of beliefs, beliefs that are developed from where we’ve been and our experiences.  These core beliefs help guide us on our path in life. However, we must not deviate from these core beliefs, these principles.  Compromising these core principles will lead to forgetting who we are and what we stand for.  It will also deviate us from where we are going – it will push us in the wrong direction.

            Throughout all of this, we have to keep focus of where want to go.  The experiences that we’ve had have helped shape our core, but we must have a focus in mind.  This translates into goals. We must always remind ourselves, “OK that’s fine, but where do I go from here. How does this help me in MY journey?”  Without a clear focus of where want to go, we will be like petals in the wind – blown about by forces we cannot control.  This can also shake us from our core beliefs and lead to a destructive path.

            We will say goodbye to three members of our Timberwolf family at the conclusion of the year.  Angie Murphy will step away after spending the last 27 years helping mold our students into musicians. As she departs from our family, she takes with her experience and knowledge that is irreplaceable.  We wish her well in her new endeavor and hope she will always remember where she came from. Angie, you will be missed!

            Beth Vavra steps away after helping for the past 27 years. She has helped keep the South Campus in ship shape and also takes with her institutional knowledge that we can never regain.  We wish the best for her as she enjoys her “retirement.”

            Treven Cerveny will step outside his comfort zone as he moves on to a new endeavor with Gretna Public Schools. We have seen him grow from that “fresh faced” rookie to a seasoned veteran who is able to tackle any issue that comes his way – even the dreaded puberty talk with the 6th grade boys. 

We wish each the best but also hope they remember where they have been.  Each has left an indelible mark on all of us at Exeter-Milligan.

            In a few weeks, we will say goodbye to 12 seniors.  Our goal is to help set these 12 young adults on that righteous path – helping them set a translucent focus of where they want to go. We also want them to remember where they came from and who they are.  Seniors, always remember, who says you can’t come home? I have enjoyed having each one in school and getting to know them as individuals – we started our careers together at E-M 13 years ago! As one of my college professors used to say, “Study hard.”  I would like to add one point to that tidbit of information - enjoy what life has to offer.  Take the talents you have been given and expand on them.  Don’t do just enough to get by, do what it takes to get ahead.  Be the leader of the pack – the view is much better. As Mrs. Kroll would say, “Be the bird!”

            Thought for the month - In life, what appears to be an end is actually a new beginning.

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