Saturday, March 6, 2021

Exeter-Milligan Update: Second Grade


Front: Anton Classen, Braxton Harre, Brooklyn Lawson, Tommy Kallhoff and Kora Havel

Back: Mrs. Marla Weber (teacher), Saydee Kassik, Kolt Songster, Archer Engert and Landri Johnson

What Did You Learn Today

By Marla Weber, Exeter-Milligan Second Grade Instructor


What did you learn at school today? Have you ever asked this question when your child gets home from school? Many times the response is a quick “nothing”. Second grade students at Exeter-Milligan are excited to share what they learned during the week! Why? A classroom vlog has been created to outline what students have learned. A vlog is a personal website account where videotaped posts are recorded. The students are responsible for what will be reported and actually do their own broadcasting on the weekly vlog. Each Friday, classmates first organize their thoughts about what they studied during the week. Some students jot down objectives from class. Others reflect, with friends, topics discussed throughout the week. Each individual decides what they are going to describe related to their assigned subject. Preparation for the vlog is a subtle way to have the group once again process what they have learned. Using an app, called Seesaw, children are then videotaped revealing some of the highlights of their week’s learning. Some students choose to demonstrate their new knowledge; like playing a new beat learned during music or showing how to do two-digit subtraction. Others proudly share a project made in science or social studies. One by one each person contributes what was introduced, practiced or even mastered during class. After the videotape has been published, the link to access the video is then shared with students’ parents. This method keeps online transmission safe and private. After viewing the vlog, parents may post a message related to it. Students can read these comments. Parent response to this form of communication has been great. Some have expressed they look forward to hearing what the kids have learned. Other parents have even stated they watch the video with their child. This way they get even more details about what goes on during their child’s week at school



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