Thursday, June 18, 2020

Throwback Thursday Week of June 15

The Exeter Avenue of Flags started in the 1980’s with twelve flags, flag poles and spots to hold them and has grown to 100 plus flags flying at the Exeter Cemetery every Memorial Day.

The Exeter American Legion Auxiliary members saw the idea in the early 1980’s in a Legion newspaper, recalls Erma Adamson. Adamson, Tess Moor and Margaret Moravec were the members of a committee formed to pursue bringing the idea to Exeter.

The Auxiliary members dove into the project, purchasing 12 flags and flag poles. They enlisted the assistance of the Legion to provide the manpower to dig the holes and help with the flag pole assembly. The flags were placed near the war memorial at the Exeter Cemetery. 

The 12 flags represented the 12 Exeter Legion members who had lost their lives in service to their country, the gold star boys. From there it grew and continues to grow. Individuals with ties to Exeter donate a flag and purchase a flag pole to be added to the avenue in memory of their loved one, according to Adamson. The names of the veteran are written on the flag in an appropriate spot.

GFWC/ NFWC Exeter Club members Bonnie Cudaback, Elaine Oldehoft and Judy Dinneen attended the International Convention on June 11th and 12th and acted as hostesses at the State Night Banquet.

The purple toilet showed up in Exeter this week.  It was an idea from the Fillmore County Relay for Life group to help raise awareness and funds for the cause to cure cancer. The toilet can be removed from your yard for a donation of $15, but for just $25 you can have the toilet removed from your lawn and pick someone else's lawn to place it in. To keep the toilet out of your yard you can donate $25 for "toilet insurance."

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