Sunday, February 9, 2020

Melchert Enjoying Lots of Nature

Exeter-Milligan is hosting foreign exchange student Joanna Melchert  from Luckenwalde, Germany this school year.

Melchert is spending her year living with Trinity Lutheran Pastor Michelle Kanzaki in Cordova.  She noted that it is very quiet compared to her large town in Germany.

She decided to try the exchange experience to get better at her English and “meet new people and have new experiences.”

She is really enjoying herself so far.  She likes school (it is a lot easier than it is in Germany), and she also enjoys he rural landscape.  “I love nature.  I live in a city with 11,000 people and we look outside and just see other house.”

School sports are another highlight for Melchert.  She plays club volleyball in Germany and has to ride a train to practice for almost an hour each way.  She played volleyball for the Timberwolves and is also on the basketball team.

She is missing her family and friends and some of the food but she noted that she really misses the weather.  “I like snow, but it is a lot warmer in Germany.”

One of her new experiences has been taking shop.  She has been working with wood and metal and has enjoyed the experience.

She has gotten to see a little of the country outside of Nebraska as she travelled to Illinois for Thanksgiving. She hopes to do some travelling over the winter break as well.

Unfortunately this year won’t count for her in school but she feels it will benefit her career options.  She hopes to be a teacher or social worker and work with younger people.  “If I am a teacher I hope to come to American again and study in college here.”

She is enjoying living with Pastor Kanzaki and the quiet at their house and in Cordova.  She is enjoying the food, especially tacos and strawberry shakes, “They put cream on top of everything.  It is so good!”

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