Sunday, February 10, 2019

Girl Scout Troop Attends Village Board meeting

From the left Girl Scouts in Troop 20703 Chezney Kanode, Brooklyn Oldehoeft and Kendyll Tomlinson are busy taking notes during the Exeter Village Board meeting on Monday evening.  The scouts were working on their Inside Government and Celebrating Commuinty badges.  They met with Chairman Alan Michl and Village Clerk Becky Erdkamp for a supper meeting before the board arrived.  According to their leader, Kendra Oldehoeft, “They interviewed him after a brief intro of his role duties and brainstormed with him ways that they can be active citizens and exhibit good citizenship.”

The girls asked about the hardest thing Michl had had to do in his role and also about unique laws.  The scouts found the evening “interesting and very different than they expected,” according to Oldehoeft.

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