Sunday, February 24, 2019

Exeter-Milligan Second Grade Classroom

The Exeter-Milligan second grade class is having a great year.  The class, taught by Marla Weber, “shows support for each other by helping those peers who might need assistance. They are excited to challenge themselves by trying new strategies.”
They are exploring new concepts and learning about research.  Each of them have created presentations about the planets using an app called 30 Hands.  They have also researched inventors and the challenges they experienced while creating their inventions. 
They use technology regularly and used the app Seesaw when learning about inventors.  According to Weber, “our class has been enjoying app smashing (using two or more apps to create a project).”
Parents are able to go online and look at the students projects and comment on their child’s work by accessing their child’s online Seesaw folder.  Seesaw is both an iPad app and web-based program for creating online portfolios.
And if you had nightmares about making historical timelines as a child, there is an app for that now.  The second graders have used Popplet to create timelines for the inventors they researched.
This class doesn’t always have their eyes on an iPad or their nose in a book.  There is an abundance of hands on learning in the second grade.  Last fall the class participated in an Outdoor Education Day and this spring they will spend a day as pioneer students.
Writing is an important focus at Exeter-Milligan and the second graders are getting an early start.  Each of them have a pen pal at Friend Public School. After exchanging letters this winter, the students will meet in person this spring.
The second grade class is eagerly awaiting the arrival of their first published book.  The class wrote about what they want to be when they grow up and their perspective on how to be a good friend.  When the books arrive the students are contemplating hosting an author’s tea with an autograph session and inviting their parents.

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