Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Exeter-Milligan Graduation 2018

Patrick Murphy addresses the audience at graduation

Traditionally, the Exeter-Milligan seniors get a ride on the fire trucks to the Homecoming pep rally downtown. This year’s seniors did not get that opportunity because of bad weather and so Superintendent Paul Sheffield surprised the seniors with a ride in style from the senior to senior breakfast to school for graduation practice on Friday morning.  Pictured from the left are: Tara Mueller, Janey Erdkamp, Kayla Bonds, Alexis Uldrich, Hannah Beethe, Patrick Murphy, Derek Axline, Travis Gilliam, Kaitlyn Vavra, Seth Maxson, Joey Bartu, Eric Olsen and Hannah Beethe.

Missy Vnoucek takes pictures of her daughter and friends before they graduate from Exeter-Milligan. From the left are Claire Mounce, Alexis Uldrich, Kayla Bonds and Katie Mounce.


Carri Vavra, left, is all smiles as she and husband, Allan, walk with their daughter Kaitlyn as she graduates from Exeter-Milligan on Saturday.

Graduates are pictured front row from the left:  Kayla Bonds, Katie Moody, Tara Mueller, Hannah Beethe and Alexis Uldrich.  Middle row from the left:  Katie Mounce, Kelsey Bigelow, Claire Mounce, Janey Erdkamp, Kaitlyn Vavra, and Hannah Horne.  Back row from the left:  Travis Gilliam, Joey Bartu, Derek Axline, Patrick Murphy, Eric Olsen and Seth Maxson.

– Rhonda Maxson fixes Eric Olsen’s National Honor Society drape at Exeter-Milligan’s graduation.

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