Sunday, December 10, 2017

Exeter-Milligan TYKE Classroom

Easton Schlegelmilch was the helper in TYKE and he and teacher Kristi Most work through the day’s schedule.

 The TYKE class recites the pledge.
 Above and below - Practicing their songs for the Christmas program was especially fun for the TYKE classroom.  No spoilers here, you will have to go to the program to hear their talent!

 Some great moves in their song!
The TYKE class has been learning about balls in their class. 
 Story time in the TYKE classroom.
 Lots of picture reminders in the TYKE classroom.

The art center in the TYKE classroom has some great supplies.  They recycle and repurpose everything they can.

 The TYKE students have displayed some of their artwork in the classroom.

The TYKE students pictured back row from the left:  Teacher Kristi Most, Reed Wince, Anton Classen, Brooklyn Lawson, Braxton Harre, Tommy Kallhoff, Landri Johnson, Saydee Kassik, and Para Hannah Marget.  Front row from the left are: Knox Becker, Edyn Adams, Easton Schlegelmilch, Archer Engert, Elijah Adams.  Not pictured are: Maizy Ogren, Kenan Petersen, Liam Reynolds, Kolt Songster and Layne Zelenka.

 Brooklyn, left, and Elijah, right, enjoy a snack of milk, cookies and applesauce.
 Landri, left, and Anton, right, compare the lengths of ribbon during their small group time.
Easton packs up his backpack.

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