Saturday, August 26, 2017

Timberwolves Fall in Giltner 60-20

Exeter-Milligan traveled to Giltner Friday night to meet the Hornets at home.  The Timberwolves put together a drive that lasted half of the first quarter and put six points up on the board.  The drive got new life when Giltner roughed the punter and gave the Timberwolves the ball back on a fifteen yard penalty.  Here quarterback Spencer Pribyl hands off the ball to runningback Mitchell Manning (#22) who follows the block of fullback Joey Bartu (#27).  Max Zeleny (#85) blocks on the line.

Below – Timberwolf Mitchell Manning stretches away from the Hornets for a few more yards.

Above -  It’s a quarterback keeper from Spencer Pribyl (#21) who looks to follow the block of #1 Colton Bossaller.
Below -Colton Bossaller moves the ball around Giltner’s #20 Rece Vaught.

Above – Spencer Pribyl (#21) looks to pass while Mitchell Manning (#22) stays back to protect.
Below – Colton Bossaller is wide open to pull one down in the end zone to give the Timberwolves six more points.

Above – Mitchell Manning (#22) gets away from the Hornets to head downfield.
Below – Spencer Pribyl (#21) gets some yards when he keeps the ball before the Hornets bring him down.
 Above - The team lines up for a down.
Below - Trever Zelenka takes down a Hornet

 Above - Joey Bartu gets ready to tackle a Hornet.
Below - Lining up for a down

Above -Seth takes down a Hornet

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