Sunday, May 14, 2017

Exeter-Milligan Kindergarten Class

above - Exeter-Milligan Kindergarten is taught by Judy Kassik.  This semester Mrs. Kassik has been out fighting cancer.  She is excited about returning to the classroom in the fall!  The kindergarten classroom is a busy place.  The students are learning to read, learning to count and learning about their community.
below– Exeter-Milligan Kindergarten class is pictured in their reading nook.  Kneeling in the front row from the left are:  Micah Korf, Beau Becker, Mackenzie Jaeger, Hannah Petersen, Chezney Kanode, and Abby Burke.  Back row from the left are: Jordan Franssen, Brynnle Johnson, Maddux Milton, Joel Vossler, Gavin Mueller, Boden Graham, Kate Pribyl and Aidan Nichols.

Above– Mackenzie Jaeger works on a special coloring booklet.
Below – Hannah Petersen works intently on her special coloring booklet in the kindergarten classroom.

Above – Beau Becker works hard on his special coloring booklet in the kindergarten classroom.
Below – Hannah Petersen works on coloring, too.

Above - Kate Pribyl (left) and Mackenzie Jaeger working on their measuring skills in the kindergarten classroom.
Below - Aiden Nichols does some measuring.

Above - Working on a new story in the kindergarten reading group are (clockwise from the left): Jordan Franssen, Chezney Kanode, Gavin Mueller and Brynnle Johnson.
Below  – The kindergarteners are learning about days of the week and they keep track every morning on their calendar.  Working at this station are from the left: Abby Burke, Boden Graham, Hannah Petersen (pointing), Beau Becker and Joel Vossler.

Above - Aiden Nichols shows one of the special pages in his coloring book.
Below – Abby Burke shows one of the papers they worked on when they learned about the environment and Earth Day.

Above– Chezney Kanode shares her globe picture from their environment lesson.

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