Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Exeter-Milligan Fourth Grade Classroom Electrifies

From the left Jayden Capek, Kierra Papik and Aidan Vavra show what they have learned about electricity using snap circuits.

Landen Soice wired together two lights with the skills he learned during the science unit on electricity.
Ayla Kahler is excited about making the bell ring using electricity.
Jaxon Franssen shows off his skills with a wired buzzer in the science unit on electricity.
Emma Meyer learned about how magnets work and put together a truck with special magnets.

The Exeter-Milligan fourth grade class.  Bottom row from the left are:  Jayden Capek, Aidan Vavra and Emma Meyer.  Middle row from the left are: Joleen Vossler, Kierra Papik, Landon Soice, Ayla Kahler, Jaxon Franssen and Mikey Bartu.  Back row is their teacher Mrs. Shelli Mueller.  Missing from the picture are Liberty Johnson and Carter Milton.

The fourth graders work on language on the smart board.  Below, Jayden Capek corrects an error in the paragraph on the smart board.

Mrs. Shelli Mueller helps her fourth grader Landen Soice find an error in the paragraph they are editing during language in the Exeter-Milligan fourth grade classroom. 

The fourth graders are studying Nebraska History and the Oregon Trail.

 Aidan Vavra and Joleen Vossler work on their language lesson after lunch in the Exeter-Milligan fourth grade classroom.

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