Monday, March 27, 2017

Exeter-Milligan Elementary Spring Concert

Kindergarten, first and second graders at Exeter-Milligan sing at their Spring Concert.
Exeter-Milligan third and fourth graders sing together at the Spring Concert
Scout Grummons shares what she is thankful for during the Spring Concert.
 Exeter-Milligan fifth and sixth graders during a song at the Exeter-Milligan Spring Concert

Sixth grader Jozie Kanode sings a solo during the Exeter-Milligan Spring Concert

Savana Krupicka and Malorie Staskal sing a duet during the Exeter-Milligan Spring Concert.
Carver Kanode (left) and Jonah Geiger pair up for a duet during the Exeter-Milligan Spring Concert.
All of the Exeter-Milligan elementary at the end of their concert.

“Power in Me” was the eye-catching theme of the Exeter-Milligan Spring Concert directed by Mrs. Angie Murphy and held in Milligan on Tuesday, March 14th.

After the third and fourth graders played their recorders and the fifth and sixth graders performed their band pieces along with each class performing a number.

The concert progress with grades kindergarten, first and second setting the theme of the concert.  They sang, “I Can, Can!,” “Mind Your Manners,” and “Make a Difference.”

During their next number, “Gratitude Attitude,” many of the students had the opportunity to state what they were thankful for in the microphone.  The group finished their section of the performance with an encouragement to “Go Be Awesome.”

The third and fourth graders were next on stage and they sang “Champions,” and “Character Tango” with a homage to their current Nebraska studies, “Beautiful Nebraska.”

The fifth and sixth graders joined the third and fourth graders to sing “Fearless.”

After the third and fourth graders left the stage the fifth and sixth graders sang about the choices they can make during “Side By Side,” “Too Smart To Start,” “I’m Not Perfect,” and “Kindness.”  Jozie Kanode gave a fantastic solo performance during “Kindness.”

The kindergarten through sixth grade joined together for the final number, “Power in Me.”  During this piece three groups sang duets, including Savana Krupicka and Malorie Staskal, Katherine Hale and Alexis Saatmann and Jonah Geiger and Carver Kanode.

Also during the concert, Mrs. Murphy presented band contest ribbons to the students who participated in the Bruning-Davenport band contest.

Parents and guests were invited to view the elementary artwork that was on display in the back of the gymnasium before and after the concert.

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