Friday, December 30, 2016

Exeter-Milligan Sixth Grade Class

Gabe Jindra gets some help from his teacher Treven Cerveny on a Goosechase review app on his Ipad.

Teamwork is the theme in this small classroom of sixth graders at Exeter-Milligan.

Above – The sixth graders intently work on the Goosechase app on their Ipad’s which is helping them review for a social studies test.
Below – Gabe Jindra and Chase Vnoucek (right) work together on their Ipads.

Above – Exeter-Milligan sixth grade teacher Treven Cerveny helps one of his students Cade Kresak review for a social studies test.
Below - Olivea (front) and Jozie work on their iPads.

Above – The Exeter-Milligan sixth graders from the left are Jozie Kanode, Olivea Swanson, Marcus Krupicka, Cade Kresak, Gabe Jindra, Chase Vnoucek and Sophia Gilliam.
Below – Exeter-Milligan sixth graders pictured around their classroom door from the left:  Gabe Jindra, Chase Vnoucek, Teacher Treven Cerveny, Cade Kresak, Marcus Krupicka, Olivea Swanson, Sophia Gilliam and Jozie Kanode

Exeter-Milligan sixth graders are a small but mighty group under the tutelage of first year teacher Treven Cerveny.

There are only seven students in the class but Cerveny sees this as a distinct advantage for this group, “I have a lot of one-on-one time with my students.  This allows me to get to know each student as an individual.  In turn I am able to help enhance student’s strengths and improve some of their weaknesses.

While teaching the basics Cerveny is hoping to prepare this group for next year’s big change in their lives, junior high.  He is focusing on responsibility and organization in his classroom, “As the year continues to move on I will require the students to become more and more independent so that they are ready for the next level.  They need to understand that they will be required to do much more for themselves next year so it is crucial that they start to get in the habit of being independent and hard-working now.”

Of course, fun is still a part of the classroom as the sixth graders have enjoyed some classroom celebrations along with some educational games.  Cerveny has enjoyed this fun group, “They all have their own unique personalities and interests which is very cool to see.”

As a first year teacher he has enjoyed this group noting that they have helped make his experience a great one so far.  He is also enjoying his introductory year, “It is great to work with a group that is so tight-knit and willing to help each other out.  The other teachers and administrators have helped me to develop as a teacher already.”

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