Monday, October 17, 2016

Exeter-Milligan Update: Heroes and the Book Fair

Heroes Come in All Sizes
By Lisa Soukup, Exeter-Milligan Media Specialist

Heroes tend to be people we see on TV or hear about on the Internet, radio or in the newspaper. They attract our attention and usually do something good. We seldom think of a classmate or colleague as a hero. 

Exeter-Milligan Public Schools hosted a Scholastic Book Fair during Parent/Teacher conferences. One of the activities the elementary students participated in was “All For Books”. It is a program where students can donate change to help purchase books for any students who may not get a book from the fair. It is a huge success every year.

This year, Tyler brought in a bag of change for “All For Books”. He had to double sack the money because one bag would not support the weight of the money. He said, “my mom was putting my money in the bag and grabbing hand fulls. Finally I told her to just put the whole container in there.” Well, the whole container of money was over $48.00.

Tyler did not realize how much was actually in the bag and when he was told, his reply was, “that’s OK, kids need books”. Tyler said he earned the money by working at the farm and doing chores at home. We were able to purchase 11 books with the money Tyler donated. What a selfless act of kindness by this young 5th grader. Hats off to you Tyler!

Another Success with Scholastic Book Fair
Exeter-Milligan Public Schools hosted a book fair again this year during Parent-Teacher conferences. Pirates was our theme- Long Live Bookaneers! It was our biggest success to date, taking in over $1,800.00 in sales. The new “Commons” was the location of the fair this year and the traffic flowed nicely through the area. The Fair was set up 4 days before the fair started which gave jr. high and high school students time to browse the books. They did an awesome job putting books back where they found them especially when the fair was unsupervised.

Books were taken as profit instead of cash.  We were able to fulfill all the teachers wish list books for their classrooms which totaled 38 books. Another 133 books were taken from profits for the three libraries.

“All For Books” brought in $140.00 with 43 students and staff donating to the fund. That money allowed us to purchase 28 books for students in preschool to 6th grade.

Thank you to everyone who came to the fair and help make it such a success. Your contribution helped the classroom libraries and the 3 other libraries purchase many books.

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