Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Exeter Honors Veterans

 Senior Janey Due welcomes the crowd and asks all veterans present to stand (pictured below)

 Below:  Boy Scout Clint Oldehoeft leads the presentation of the colors with Cub Scouts Logan Krupicka and Ronnie Babula carrying the flags.

 The gym hosted a large crowd listening to the Star Spangled Banner
 Tim Wilbeck spoke on honoring our nation's veteran's.
 The Exeter-Milligan Junior High Choir performed at the program.
 Above the Exeter-Milligan Choir performed under the direction of Mrs. Angie Murphy.  Below:  Alexis Uldrich (left) and Ashley Benorden (right) each sang a short solo at the program.

 Exeter-Milligan Friends of Vocal sang at the program and below Haylee Sheffield closes the program.
The Exeter community honored veteran's on Wednesday, November 11th at the high school gym.

Welcomed by Janey Due, the presentation of the colors and pledge of allegiance was led by local scouts.  Clint Oldehoeft, a Boy Scout in Troop 218, led the flag ceremony with Cub Scouts, Logan Krupicka and Ronnie Babula presenting the colors.

The Exeter-Milligan Jr. Sr. High Band performed the "Star Spangled Banner," "Miss Liberty March" and "America's Finest."  "America's Finest" is a medley of all of the songs of the military branches. Band Director Mrs. Angie Murphy asked the veterans in the audience to stand when the song representing their branch was played.

Mr. Tim Wilbeck, a local veteran, was the guest speaker for the program.  Wilbeck spoke about thanking our veterans properly.  He distinguished the difference between Memorial Day where "we honor those who died" and Veteran's Day where "we celebrate the service" of those who are still living.

Wilbeck referenced the part veterans played in the recent terrorist attack on a train in Eurpoe, "it is not surprising that they were members of the military.  They risk their life and limb every day so we can be free."

Another sacrifice Wilbeck reminded the audience of is the "enormous toll on families.  Sometimes all that is needed is a simple thank you."

One of the heartaches that Wilbeck mentioned was the tragedy that "those who keep our homes safe go without homes.  One of out four veterans is homeless.  This is hardly the thanks of a grateful nation."

Wilbeck noted that many of the members of local fire departments and rescue crews are veterans.  "When an emergency hits there is a good chance a veteran is the first to respond.  Veteran's make our community better."

He closed with the thought, "Our veteran's have made extraordinary accomplishments and we owe them an extraordinary debt."

The Exeter-Milligan junior high choir performed "Our America," before the Exeter-Milligan senior high choir performed the very moving "Bring Him Home."

The Exeter Milligan senior high choir was joined by the Friends of Vocal to perform "Voices That Care."

Haylee Sheffield thanked the audience and closed the program.  The senior high choir performed their pieces at  Fairmont Manor, Heritage Crossings at the Veteran's Day program in Milligan.

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