Thursday, May 28, 2015

New War Memorial Dedicated in Exeter

Above– A new war memorial in downtown Exeter was dedicated on Memorial Day.  Father Steve Thomlison spoke at the dedication and the Exeter Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts carried the flags. From left are Joey Bartu, Devin Harrison, Mikey Bartu, Father Thomlison, Tyler Due, Troy Kallhoff and Ronnie Babula
Below – The Exeter Q125 History Book Committee used their extra funds from the sale of the history books to purchase the war memorial that was placed on Exeter Avenue.  Pictured at the Memorial Day ceremony are from the left Faye Neeman, Terri Volkmer, Brian Moor, Brian Murphy and Agnes Anderson.  Not pictured are Shirley Janes, Jim Votipka, Jerreta Tauriella, Lonnie Shafer, Patty DeMoss and Doug Anderson.

A new war memorial was dedicated in downtown Exeter on Monday, May 25th

The stone was presented to the community by the Exeter Q125 History Book Committee. After the majority of the history books were sold, the committee had remaining funds and “our goal was to do something that would be long term and be something that generations to come would see,” explained committee member Brian Murphy.

Murphy approached the Exeter Village Board in November requesting the board approve the memorial and a location downtown near the historical marker.

After the go ahead was given the committee order the stone based on similar displays they had observed in other communities.  Their plan was to dedicate the memorial appropriately, on Memorial Day.

The first Exeter history book on the anniversary of the centennial had also been profitable and the funds left over had been used to pay for the historical marker in downtown Exeter.
This memorial is unique because it honors all of the branches of the military. The front of the stone is engraved with “Veterans Memorial.  To honor the brave men and women of the Exeter area who honorably served their country in war and in peace.” 

The back of the memorial shows the symbols of the six branches of service and notes that the stone was dedicated Memorial Day 2015 by the Exeter Q125 History Book Committee.

The committee held a dedication downtown at the stone just after the Memorial Day program at the cemetery in Exeter.  The Exeter Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts led the flag ceremony and Father Steve Thomlison gave a brief dedication.

The Exeter Q125 History Book Committee members were Brian Murphy (Chairman), Jim Votipka, Terri Volkmer, Brian Moor, Jeretta Tauriealla, Shirley Janes, Faye Neemann, Lonnie Shafer, Agnes Anderson, Patty DeMoss and Doug Anderson.

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