Monday, March 9, 2015

Exeter-Milligan Update: Physics Class

Ms. Lorie Sliefert's physics class at Exeter-Milligan had an engineering design challenge last week.   Students were given 3 pieces of paper and materials for wheels to design a car that was both fast and crashworthy.   Cars needed to have a width under 6.5 centimeters and could not have a mass over 30 grams.   There were two different competition days.   On Race Day, we calculated whose car was the fastest, speed wise.   AJ was the winner! On Crash Day, the students put a raw egg into to their car and crashed it into a wall. All the eggs, except AJ's, survived the first crash. We then increased the angle and speed with which the cars crashed into the wall. Maitlyn's car was the winner on Crash Day, only because Madison and Amber's car wheels fell off.

Pictured is the Physics Class with their cars: Madison Horne, AJ Underwood, Maitlyn Thomsen, and Amber Pribyl

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